7. Weather Station Behind the City Hall

Weather Station Behind the City Hall

Roland: The soldiers told me that the stagecoach did not leave the city this morning because one of its wheels had broken. There’s only one other way to find out.

Every morning before dawn an amateur weatherman, Mr. Cloudy, goes behind the city hall to collect weather data. He surely must have seen a thief with armor! But Mr. Cloudy is a bit of an oddball and only talks to people who know at least a little about meteorology and weather data collection.


Find out what kind of information can be found in the device at the weather station – the Lambrecht polymeter.

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The weather station will celebrate its 120th anniversary in 2018. It is such a tiny addition to the Town Hall but at the time hardly anyone had a thermometer at home, so it must have been visited frequently. The station was built by a German meteorological expert, W. Lamrecht.