5. Synagogue at the Library

Krajská vědecká knihovna, Rumjancevova

Roland: The musicians sent me across the street to the synagogue. The Jewish synagogue used to stand here but now there is the library.

Scholars have always gathered around here. But when you talk to the scholars you must speak the learned language and use different quotes – sentences that someone else said or wrote.


There is a small table and two chairs in front of the library. Who wrote the statement (Truth and love will overcome lies and hatred) on the edge of the table?

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A Jewish synagogue used to stand here. It was burned down by the Nazis during Kristallnacht on the night from 9 to 10 November 1938. The wall of the new synagogue is made of blocks of stone to remind us of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. A Hebrew quote from the Bible is inscribed in it – a quote from the story of Jonah. The library along with the prayer room form the so-called building of reconciliation. As with the old Town Hall, you can see here how big the synagogue was and where it was located thanks to the plan set in the pavement in front of the library and its lobby.