2. The Church

Kostel sv. Antonína Velikého

Roland: I shouldn’t be telling you this but the Church has a taller tower than the new city hall.

The four monsters atop that function as gutters also see into the distance and hear every whisper in the streets. They perhaps know even more than I do. We need to flatter them that they are way higher than me before we can ask them anything.


Go with your parents from the front door to the back wall of the church and from the left to the right. When you count the steps of an adult along the width and the length of the church, you will find out roughly the height of the tower.

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Sokolovské Square was built for the emerging Guild of Weavers. Being a weaver, who produces cloth, used to be one of the most traditional crafts in Liberec. There used to be a small wooden church with a cemetery. Can you find a reminder here of the cemetery in the form of a brass placard nestled in the pavement? The later-built brick church was the first brick building in Liberec. Its tower was originally so tall that lightning often struck it. That’s why the tower was lowered. Despite this, the church tower is still taller than the Town Hall Tower.