1. The Square

Náměstí Dr. E. Beneše

Roland: I clean my armor every once in a while, when the night is somber so that no one sees that I am absent from the tower. The hardest task is knocking rust off the chainmail shirt. I have to knock it against the stairs. On the night of the theft I was cleaning my armor at the Fountain of Neptune when I made a quick run for a new bottle of oil. Everything was gone when I returned. The only thing that I found was a glove. It lay on the pavement where you can see the floor plan of the original Liberec City Hall. Find out where the thief ran.


Go to the square and find a large rectangle made of black stone in the pavement. The rectangle shows the original location of the old city hall. You can find there the year the old city hall was built. Where is the year located?

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The old Town Hall was the most beautiful building in the area. It had a tower with a belfry, which you can admire today as part of the North Bohemian Museum, where it was relocated to. The Town Hall was not used just by office workers, like today. There was also a bakery and a butcher’s. A pub stood nearby together with a hall where people went dancing or watched theatre. The Town Hall had been used as a prison, and it is rumored that there was a torture chamber.